Return Policy

Return Policy

Return Policy

01. In case of delivery error, product quality problem or other reasons that need to be returned, please contact our salesman at the first time. After contact, if it is determined that the goods need to be returned to the factory for solution, a return note shall be attached to the goods. The return note shall indicate the name, quantity, return reason, return person, contact number, factory business contact, and other information. Fax the transportation bill to our company 0730-6808686 at the first time after the return.

02. For products with quality problems, please carefully identify whether our products can be returned. Identification method: our drill bits, pistons, inner cylinders and joints are printed with numbers:

Such as NJG-20131118-01-R16

NJG ---- stands for the abbreviation of our company

20131118 ---- means the date of production

01 ---- indicates the drill number or heat number

R16 ---- material number

03. For the return fee, the customer should pay the freight in advance. If the goods are returned due to our company's reason, the freight can be deducted against the payment for goods against the delivery note; If the return is caused by the customer's own reason, the freight shall be borne by the customer.